Beth Johnson Leisure Association
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There are four different types of  walk organised on each Tuesday

             A : up to 10 miles     Can be difficult (About 5.5 hours)

 BX : Between 7 - 9 miles     Emphasis on relaxed walking (About 5.5 hours)

             B : up to 7 miles     (About 3.5 hours)

             C : up to 5 miles     (About 3 hours)

             D : up to 3 miles.  2nd  & 4th  Tuesdays in each month (not January)

                   No difficult stiles/hills

Each walk is given a star  rating according to difficulty of terrain, stiles  etc.

                                                      *     Easy walking

                                                      **   Moderate

                       *** More difficult (hills, stiles etc)

(Star ratings will vary between walking groups:

e.g.  Terrain rated * for an A or BX walk may be given ** for a B or C walk)

For C walks only, where possible, the number of stiles and hills are indicated on the programme as some people find these difficult.

         members further afield for a set of

         organised walks (a coach ramble)

                                             convenient local venue.

        rucksack for your lunch and any other items,

        e.g. first aid kit, whistle.

         expected to have consulted a doctor

        before taking up the activity.

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