Beth Johnson Leisure Association
Affiliated with The Ramblers Association
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What is the Beth Johnson Leisure Association?

The BJLA organises social activities for the retired or older person. You must be over 50 to join.

How did it get its name?

Beth Johnson was a lady who spent most of her life caring for elderly people. When she died her husband set up a trust fund in her memory and from this the Beth Johnson Foundation was formed. The BJLA was then formed with the assistance of the Foundation but is now independent of it, though the Foundation still provides help and support. We pursue the same purpose as the Foundation; ‘To improve the quality of life for the older person’.

The main emphasis…. Of all our activities is the social and caring side; we are not a specialist activities association. Support and comradeship are our main objectives and the activities are used to promote them.

Who organises the activities?

They are organised by the members themselves, working through the two sections. All of them are volunteers. We welcome new volunteers.

How will I know about planned activities?

We produce a monthly newsletter, ‘The Grapevine’, which contains news, details of activities and amendments to activities.